Apocalypse Cockroach

Chapter 154: Charge

Chapter 154: Charge
Chapter 154: Charge

“No…no…no!!! I didn’t run, I really didn’t run..” The man finally managed to scream out the words in his chest. He shouted loudly, desperate as he was, and his eyes were filled with madness. The M1 in his hands dropped to the ground, and without the gun in his hand, he seemed to have lost all his backing, dropping to his knees like the man before him who got executed. He did not lower his head to pray, instead, he stared fixedly at Zhang Xiao Qiang, eyeing the M1911A1, waiting to be pardoned, or executed.

Zhang Xiao Qiang tilted his head to ponder, before he stuck the gun back in his waist, and he eyed the man while speaking, “Just now, you know yourself most clearly on your thoughts and actions. I won’t kill you, you can stand one side. I need brave and passionate warriors, not cowards like you.”

After that, he turned around to eye the remaining members of the combat team. All of them waited with bated breath as Zhang Xiao Qiang’s cold eyes swept across them, before he took in a large breath, and barked out loudly, “Whoever’s afraid of death! I will let him die faster!!” He then breathed out, his eyes opened wide as he swept his gaze across all of them again. Three and the other 4 immediately stood straight, their guns in their hands gripped tightly. They stood there, accepting the baptism of Zhang Xiao Qiang’s gaze, their own eyes filled with resolution. They knew this was his last warning.

The man was stripped of his items and ammunition, and he stood behind with the support team, barehanded. He did not feel any sadness, instead, there was a relief from having escaped with his life. His past comrades looked at him with eyes of disdain and contempt. Those who called him brother in the past also felt disgusted.

Zhang Xiao Qiang then brought the fleet back by 50m, he knew the scent of fresh blood would attract all the zombies out. He just needed to proceed slowly and surely. The journey was still long, and their ammunition plenty. As long as they didn’t have to risk their lives, it would be best.

10…20…100…200… Zhang Xiao QIang watched dumbfounded as the 200 zombies swarmed over. He didn’t understand how there were so many zombies still inside. Wasn’t the business supposed to be bad? Few people would come? Why was there suddenly 200 zombies for no reason?

Seeing that there were 20 evolved ones among them, he felt that they had to be careful today. Who knew if another large fellow would appear again? Zhang Xiao Qiang did not harbor much hopes with regards to his luck, he knew each time there was an objective or mission, he would meet a BOSS. Was it because he met that Yang Ke’er? In any case, his luck was pretty much damned.

The guns from everyone present began firing, from time to time, zombies would fall. The sounds of the gunshots were less of an attraction than the scent of blood. Thus, the zombies would ignore the sounds of gunshots around, and just sought to crawl towards the location of blood. As they gathered together, the number of zombies that died increased slowly. Many of them were stuck and could not move, becoming easier targets for the combat team.

Zhang Xiao Qiang had no reaction to the gunshots and happenings near him. He just quietly focused on firing. He aimed and fired at one zombie, intending for a headshot. He pulled the trigger lightly, “Peng…” He ignored the recoil in his shoulders, and looked over, checking the result of his 10th shot. However, that zombie seemed to be unhurt, instead, it was the zombie beside it that had fallen, its skull bleeding with the yellow brain matter as it crumpled to the ground.

Zhang Xiao Qiang was depressed, he had fired 10 consecutive shots, and only managed to kill one zombie. Furthermore, it was an accidental shot. He knew he didn’t have the talent to drive, yet he never expected that he also lacked the slightest talent in shooting. He was pissed, and fired his remaining 6 bullets without looking, throwing the gun into the car, and checked his own equipment.

12 triangular darts were kept at his waist, his Jing Wei Sword hung behind him, his Beast Horn Spear in his hands, and his military knife was busted. Wang Le had no more good materials, and could only convert the other Beast Horn Spear to become a small pike. It hung by his waist as well. Although it was more like a 80cm opener, it was incredibly sharp. Whatever the Jing Wei Sword couldn’t pierce, it could be used. If Zhang Xiao Qiang met another D2, he had the confidence to kill it. At the very least, he had the means to break a D2’s defence now. He kept everything, made sure they were in order, and looked back at the zombies.

The gunshots were still ringing, and Zhang Xiao Qiang eyed the men that had excitement in their eyes, killing the zombies without any pressure felt exhilarating for them. Other than the recoil in their shoulders, there was practically no danger. When they managed to kill some D-types and S-Types as well, their morale was extremely high. They begun to fire their rifles more rapidly, and the gold bullet shells scattered all around them. They continued to fire, and reload, heading to Three to ask for more ammunition, and went back to firing.

Zhang Xiao Qiang saw there were only a few dozens of zombies left scattered around, and raised his hand to shout for stop. The gunfire died down, leaving only silence behind.

“Raise your weapons…” Hearing his orders, everyone immediately stepped forwards with their melee weapons, this time, their actions were smoother. No one dared to hesitate, after all, the fate of those 2 cowards was witnessed by everyone. One was killed, one of stripped of his role. Everyone knew that the support and logistics would only transport and handle the miscellaneous stuff. Other than eating their fill, there were no other benefits. Women? They can wait for their next life. Zhang Xiao Qiang’s rule was that weaklings and cowards had no rights to leave behind a legacy or generations.

“Raise your weapons… stab forwards…” Zhang Xiao Qiang ordered and charged forwards. He acted as the vanguard, so that everyone would naturally follow. There was a possibility of dying by charging forth, but there was a definite certainty of dying if they did not charge forth. Everyone knew the consequences anyway. Furthermore, they had just shot down 200 zombies, even some evolved zombies were among those they had killed. These people had lost their fear, and were now releasing shouts of courage as they followed behind Zhang Xiao Qiang to lunge at the zombies.

“KILL!!” Zhang Xiao Qiang roared, and with his Beast Horn Spear, he pierced through an S-Type, before retracting and quickly severing the neck of another ordinary zombie. As he charged forwards, he was like a killing god. He turned around, only to see Shangguan Qiao Yun being harassed by 2 zombies in a precarious situation. One was a D-type was chasing behind, the other an ordinary zombie in front of her. She held her rifle but did not know which to kill first, and could only dodge their attacks. She was running clumsily with her weapon towards another direction, but it seemed that there were more zombies over there…

She was already nervous and had lost her bearings. When Zhang Xiao Qiang was in front, all she did was recite, ‘Follow him, follow him tightly’ in her mind. She just stuck behind him as he charged headlong into a group of zombies. By the time she entered, he had already killed a number of them and was charging forth. She wanted to follow but was impeded by a D-type in front.

She managed to leave some knife wounds on it, before trying to retreat. She finally knew the difference of the zombie in front of her and the rest. One would chase her, scratch her and bite her, the other would just treat her as a target to pummel. When an ordinary zombie joined in the chase, her situation became even more dangerous, there were a few times it seemed that she was almost sure to be scratched or bitten.

After evading those perilous moments, when she saw 3 zombies standing in front of her blocking the way, she was shocked and fell down.

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