Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 490 - A Million Arrows Shot Through Her Heart

Chapter 490 - A Million Arrows Shot Through Her Heart

Chapter 490: A Million Arrows Shot Through Her Heart

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When the mask was taken off, a gentle, handsome face entered Nan Zhi’s vision.


His black eyebrows, clear eyes, well-defined nose, nice-looking lips… they combined to form a warm and comforting face.

This face was completely incompatible with a bad guy. It looked way too clean, clear and gentle.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes. Her eyes immediately filled with tears, the hot tears falling from the corners of her eyes uncontrollably.

She felt terrible.

It felt even worse than having thousands of arrows piercing through her heart.

To her, Gu Sheng was like a biological older brother to her. He would only treat her selflessly and never forced her or hurt her.

It seemed like she was still too naive.

Why would anyone that was not blood-related to her treat her so nicely without asking for anything in return?

The man lifted his elegant fingers, wiping Nan Zhi’s tears away softly. He smiled gently. “Little Flower, are you that excited to see me?”

Nan Zhi’s vision was blurred by the tears, her eyelashes fluttering tremendously like the wings of an injured butterfly.

She stared at the man in front of her, feeling that the man was familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.

Was this really the Brother Gu Sheng that she knew?

How could he be so different from the person she remembered him to be?

However, his appearance and his voice were the exact same as the person in her mind and memory.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, unable to lie to herself further.

The person that had kidnapped her here was indeed the person she trusted the most.

Her temple started to hurt like a needle had pricked her.

After the woman returned to Mu Sihan’s villa from the restaurant, she entered the bedroom, humming a song.

She stood in front of the dresser and stared at the face in the mirror.

If she did not know who she was, even she herself would think herself to be the real Nan Zhi.

Qin Yubing stretched out her slender right hand. She smirked, pleased as she stared at the oval diamond ring on the middle finger.

So what if Nan Zhi was able to get Mu Sihan’s heart? Wasn’t her man still giving her a diamond ring now?

She was supposed to leave after getting what Gu Sheng wanted, but she wanted to replace Nan Zhi a little now.

If she could fall pregnant with Mu Sihan’s child, he would probably spare her for the child’s sake if he found out about her identity one day!

Didn’t Nan Zhi use Xiaojie to get Mu Sihan back then?

If they did not have a child together, Mu Sihan was probably only playing with Nan Zhi’s feelings!

However, how would she be able to sleep with Mu Sihan?

Did she have to drug him? Make him drunk?

All of these were definitely out of the question.

He was too smart. Wasn’t she exposed and tricked instead back in Ning City?

She could not hurry. He would eventually touch her as long as he treated her as Nan Zhi.

The most important thing now was to finish the mission Gu Sheng gave her.

Recently after she moved into the villa, Mu Sihan had stayed here for most of the time as well.

After they finished dinner tonight, he got the driver to send her back first, saying that he needed to go to the supermarket after sending Xiaojie back to the hospital.

Since he was going to the supermarket, was he going to buy condoms for tonight’s use?

At this thought, Qin Yubing could not help but feel slightly excited as she anticipated what might happen.

Mu Sihan, oh Mu Sihan, you’re still unable to run out of my grasp in the end.

Qin Yubing walked in front of the windows, noting that Mu Sihan was still not back yet. She walked out of the bedroom and entered his study.

The interior of his study was similar to how he was, coldly refined and stiff.

Gu Sheng said that she needed to find the diary that Ye Qing had left behind. The diary seemed to contain something very important, but Gu Sheng did not tell her what it was exactly.

She heard that Mu Sihan would bring that diary with him whenever he went overseas.

Qin Yubing wore a pair of gloves and pulled out the drawers.

A bunch of documents were in it, but there was no diary.

Qin Yubing searched the bookshelves again, but still could not find anything.

Could it be in Mu Sihan’s document bag?

Qin Yubing was afraid that Mu Sihan would return suddenly, which was why she left the study even though she did not find the diary.

She returned to the bedroom and sent an email out.

In an inconspicuous grassy area at the ground floor of the villa.

A black SUV was stopped there.

The tall man was sitting at the back row, a seven-inch mini laptop placed on his long legs.

The laptop was playing the scene recorded by the CCTV in the study.

He had seen everything, from the woman entering his study, to her looking around and finding something.

Yi Fan was sitting next to the man and furrowed a eyebrows, when he saw Mu Sihan staring at the CCTV video. “Young Master, you… can see now?”

Mu Sihan raised an eyebrow, “Why, do you want me to stay blind?”

“No, I just didn’t think that you would lie to me as well.”

Mu Sihan pursed his thin lips, “If I didn’t act blind, how would I be able to see the true colors of this woman?”

Yi Fan was completely confused, “Young Master, didn’t you just propose to Miss Nan tonight? The true colors of Miss Nan? Is she a spy sent by someone?”

Mu Sihan narrowed his eyes, his gaze cold. “I want to know who she is as well. However, I can’t sit down and do nothing anymore!”

After he had confirmed that this woman was not the real Nan Zhi, the real Nan Zhi would be in more danger. He needed to be on the offensive side!

Mu Sihan took out his phone and called Bo Yan.

Bo Yan was heading towards the capital’s jail. He turned on the car’s bluetooth after receiving Mu Sihan’s call.

“Sihan, did something happen?”

Mu Sihan hummed softly, before he told Bo Yan his plan.

Bo Yan replied after he listened to the plan, “Alright, I’ll arrange it immediately after I’m done settling all my business here.”

In the jail.

Bo Yan met Yan Cheng once more.

Yan Cheng was no longer the spirited group director he was in the past. His sideburns had turned slightly white, as he looked extremely frail.

Yan Cheng did not lose his temper when he saw Bo Yan, merely curling his lips up in a creepy smile.

His smile was full of meaning and made one shiver in fear.

Bo Yan took the intercom and spoke first, breaking the silence, “I heard that you wanted to see me?”

In the four years he was undercover in the Yan family, Bo Yan would have long killed him to avenge for his parents and younger sister if it was not for his strong mentality.

Yan Cheng stared at Bo Yan’s aloof expression, smiling. “Actually, I had long expected to become like this. However, I never thought that it would be you who sent me here.

“Huahua must really hate you now. Bo Yan, you fell for my Huahua, didn’t you?”

Bo Yan narrowed his eyes a little. “Yan Cheng, say it straightforwardly, don’t beat around the bush!” He had no guilt towards Yan Cheng. A sinner like him should suffer!

Yan Cheng stared straight into Bo Yan’s eyes. He started laughing out loud. “Bo Yan, I have a secret to tell you. Do you still remember your infant younger sister back then?”

A sharp glare appeared in Bo Yan’s eyes. “Why?”

“Let me tell you, she’s still alive.”

Bo Yan’s usually calm eyes constricted instantly. “Yan Cheng, you’d better tell the truth!”

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