Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1517 - She Is My Xiaojiao (Part Eight)

Chapter 1517 - She Is My Xiaojiao (Part Eight)

Chapter 1517: She Is My Xiaojiao (Part Eight)

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Miss Su… The first person who came to Lu Yinan’s mind was Su Yue.

Unconsciously, he glanced at Ming Ansheng who was ahead of him.

When Ming Ansheng heard Qiao Jian’s words, he came to a gradual halt.

But he didn’t turn around; instead, he simply stood on the spot.

Qiao Jian smiled as he said, “Yes, he is Vice-President Su’s sister.”

“Su Yue’s daughter?!” exclaimed Lu Yinan as he glanced at the little girl.

The little girl was brushing her curly hair with a slight crease in between her eyebrows.

Lu Yinan studied the girl’s features closely. She resembled Su Yue.

He lifted his head and quietly watched Ming Ansheng. He seemed as though he was spellbound.

Lu Yinan didn’t dare to ask any further. He waved at Qiao Jian, “Nothing else, continue with your work.”

He hastened his footsteps to catch up with Ming Ansheng.

‘Daddy is Dajiao so I am Xiaojiao. Mommy has both Dajiao and Xiaojiao…’

Both of them…

Ming Ansheng clenched his fists in his pockets, feeling bitter and jealous.

He knew that they were leading a good life abroad. So, they even had a child?

“Uncle, can you speak English?”

Suddenly, something was tugging at his trousers, and a little sweet voice sounded near his knees.

Ming Ansheng was still wallowing in his jealousy when he slowly bent his head. His eyes met the girl’s bright ones.

It startled him.

Her face resembled Su Yue so much. But he felt that she didn’t resemble Jiao Chen at all.

Or perhaps… he was feeling hostile towards Jiao Chen and hence felt that way.

Ming Ansheng’s eyes and expression softened at the sight of her adorable face. Incredibly, he had this same feeling as to how he looked at Su Yue years ago.

He smiled and nodded as he casually shrugged his shoulders. He replied in English, “Certainly.”

Xiaojiao pressed on, “Have you been to Country M?”

She was still young so she couldn’t properly pronounce the words.

Ming Ansheng nodded and replied, “Yeah. I went there a few days ago. But I was in N City.”

The little girl didn’t bother with the details and randomly asked again, “Have you eaten chicken wings before?”

Ming Ansheng was speechless.

Chicken wings… He chuckled loudly.

He nodded once again. “Yes, I did.”

He asked, “How about you?”

The girl didn’t reply and turned around towards the door. She put her hands behind her back, looking smug and haughty.

The way she sauntered unsteadily was really comical.

Ming Ansheng was perplexed and didn’t understand why the girl walked away without a word. He gazed at Xiaojiao, and he suddenly felt a strange emptiness in his heart.

Coupled with bitterness and jealousy—he was feeling confused.

He tightened his fists once more to resist the pain.

Lu Yinan glanced at Ming Ansheng and opened his mouth repeatedly. He wanted to console him or to ask him to go.

But he couldn’t utter a single word.

“Why are both of you standing here?”

Zhou Shuang came out from the elevator and glanced towards the main hall. She looked at Ming Ansheng and Lu Yinan, looking puzzled.

“We’re heading up.” Lu Yinan looked at Zhou Shuang as he asked, “Why did you come down?”

“Xuxu asked me to…” Zhou Shuang glanced furtively at Ming Ansheng and softly replied, “Fetch Su Yue.”

“Oh.” Lu Yinan grunted, and he put his arms around Ming Ansheng’s shoulders. He forcefully steered him towards the elevator. “Hurry up. This is my first time being a best man.”

Ming Ansheng sneered coldly. “You’re already a father and you still have the cheek to be a best man?”

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