Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular

Chapter 402 - Something Changed

Chapter 402 - Something Changed

Chapter 402: Something Changed

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In the office in SE Entertainment, Lu Qing was so annoyed that she threw all the stuff on her desk to the ground.

Fu Yao saw Lu Qing’s angry look and got scared. She stayed far away from her and did not dare to get closer.

“Xia Ning, I don’t believe there’s nothing I can do about you!” Lu Qing said, grinding her teeth.

Fu Yao pressed her lips together. Seeing Lu Qing’s angry look, she said in a low voice, “Sister Lu Qing, what about the contract?”

“Why do you have so many questions?” Lu Qing glared at Fu Yao. “If it was not for you, why would I offend Xia Ning?”

As she was thinking, Lu Qing immediately blamed everything on Fu Yao and Xia Ning. If she did not have to promote Fu Yao, she would never have gotten into this mess with Xia Ning.

And Xia Ning was really petty. She was just promoting a newcomer, why did she get so mad? Did she already forget that she was also a newcomer climbing up the ladder back then?

Fu Yao ground her teeth without saying anything. Now that she had already offended everyone at SE Entertainment, if she broke up with Lu Qing, there would be no way for her to live.

Thinking about it more closely, maybe she should not have been so radical to think that being on Lu Qing’s side would guarantee her success. In fact, the only person who had a say had always been Xia Ning. But now, she had no way to turn back.

“Sister Lu Qing, I think you should probably make a call to President Fang right now,” Fu Yao said suddenly.

Lu Qing darted a look at Fu Yao. “What do you mean?”

Fu Yao picked up the contract on the floor and when she saw the 10 million compensation on it, her eyelids jumped a little. So SE was really taking Lu Qing seriously before, signing this kind of contract. Was Lu Qing stupid? With such a good contract, why would she still want to leave?

But now she and Lu Qing were in the same boat. This meant nothing now.

“Didn’t President Fang want you in his company? If you need money now, President Fang should help you out.” Fu Yao put the contract on the desk.

Lu Qing frowned a little and started thinking about the plausibility of what Fu Yao said.

True, President Fang was in need of agents. But it would probably be too much for him to spend 10 million for an agent.

No matter how confident she was, she did not think anyone would just pay that 10 million.

But now, this seemed to be the only way.

Lu Qing looked up and saw Fu Yao’s sincere face. She nodded. “I’ll try.”

Fu Yao smiled at once and said, “If you succeed, could you…”

“Alright, I know. If I’m able to leave SE Entertainment, I’ll take you with me. You don’t have to pay much for your breach of contract anyway.”

But no one picked up her call.

Lu Qing took a look at her phone. It was President Fang’s number that she was calling. She called this number just yesterday.

Maybe it was busy.

Lu Qing called the number again, but no one picked up again.

After a couple of tries, she was getting the same result. And for that last try, the phone was turned off directly.

This moment, Lu Qing’s heart sank. There must be something changing on President Fang’s side.

“Sister Lu Qing…” Fu Yao looked at Lu Qing nervously.

Lu Qing did not pay attention to her. She grabbed her bag and walked out directly.

Fu Yao saw this and followed at once. She asked, “Sister Lu Qing, where are you going?”

After they got to the gate, Lu Qing grabbed a taxi and said to the driver, “To the Chengtian Entertainment building.”

Seeing the taxi leaving, Fu Yao’s heart shook. Isn’t Chengtian Entertainment President Fang’s company? Did something go wrong on President Fang’s side? If that’s the case…

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