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Chapter 753 - Accustomed to Love (13)

Chapter 753 - Accustomed to Love (13)

Chapter 753: Accustomed to Love (13)

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Shi Guang propped up half her face with her hand and smiled out. “Do you remember me mentioning that you really look like my sister the previous time around?”

Rong Mo replied softly before denying it immediately. “But, I’m not your sister.”

For real? But, you’re a woman!

Shi Guang heaved in a deep breath. “My sister was really talented and exceptionally smart… mature and obedient, quiet and gentle. She once took a test that stated her IQ to be at 200, and she could learn anything almost instantly. She once learned the piano, guzheng, ballet, folk dancing, drawing and checkers… all sorts of stuff! And, she was really accomplished in all of them, especially her drawing skills which were incredible!”

Rong Mo merely lowered her head and listened while eating in silence.

“When we were young, my parents had jobs that were particularly busy. Most of the time, it was my sister bringing me around and taking care of me. No matter what I wanted to do, she would support me. She would buy me my favorite snacks, comic books, and told me the stories I loved to hear the most. In my heart, there was nothing my sister couldn’t do… Oh, nonono… I nearly forgot, she was extremely poor athletically. No matter how I taught her to swim, she just couldn’t do it. And she was really meek too. Hence, she could not fight, and resulted in her being bullied by others. If it were me, let alone four of them, even if it were eight of them, I would have bashed them up!”

She grit her teeth with a furious expression. Rong Mo was seemingly startled by her fierce stance, such that she even froze her motion of eating.

Realizing that she had lost her image momentarily, Shi Guang said hurriedly, “Sorry, sorry! That’s because in high school, my sister was bullied by a few female schoolmates. Not only that, the process was extremely violent. Even though my sister was healthy usually, she was rather meek and weak in character. How could she win against four of them?”

“Campus violence? Four on one?” Rong Mo suddenly thought of Mo Feifei and those scattered memories of hers. So, Shi Guang’s sister was Mo Feifei?

“That’s right. My sister was bullied in school daily. As for the form of bullying, I don’t know exactly. All I know was that my sister changed entirely. Realizing that there was something off about her, my parents wanted to solve the entire issue. But, they ended up in a car accident. Because of that, my sister blamed herself and attempted suicide by jumping off a building, turning into a vegetable. I hated myself for not realizing that there was something wrong about my sister despite being with her all the time. If I had discovered it sooner, things might have been different.”

As though all her pent up emotions were suddenly released, Shi Guang could not help but shed tears.

She looked at Rong Mo as though the latter was her sister and said calmly, “I’ve waited for 7 years. Finally, she could wake up, and yet, she suddenly disappeared. I couldn’t find her no matter how I tried. I miss her. I really, truly miss her!”

Rong Mo’s heart skipped a beat as though there was something tugging at her heartstrings from deep within her.

Her lips quivered, wanting to say something. However, the face of that Doctor Chang Xiaoyang flashed by her mind once more as she could only ask softly, “What’s your sister’s name?”

Shi Guang’s heart leaped quickly. “Mo Feifei. My sister’s name is Mo Feifei” She said as she explained the exact words of her sister’s name.

Every single word caused Rong Mo’s ears to ring out with a crisp, clanging sound as though her heart was dropping.

Mo Feifei… truly was Shi Guang’s sister. How could this be? How could it be?

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