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Chapter 604 - Do it fairly

Chapter 604 - Do it fairly

Chapter 604: Do it fairly

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Sima You Yue knew the kind of shock that her actions of today would bring. However, she had no choice. She just had to enter the inner sect to find the Eye of Earth.

Also, only with enough talent would the sect pour more resources into cultivating her. It might also make it easier for her to receive information.

The people watching from the stage were stunned by her outstanding actions. Watching her refine pills was akin to a beautiful performance.

Wu La Li randomly chose a spot and sat down. He cast his gaze on one particular person in the area and kept watching her. As he watched, he slowly began to believe what she said before.

Perhaps she could really help them out.

Even if she couldn’t she was someone that was worth roping in.

Sima You Yue spent one and a half hours to refine those ingredients. As she had to refine quite a few different types simultaneously, she had to expend quite a bit of mental energy. This was why she felt rather drained at the end of it.

She no longer had the time to re-do it, so she had to succeed in ont shot. In order to ensure that she had enough mental energy to hold on, she took out a pill and ate it before continuing the refinement.

The fusion process was one that took up a lot of time. She took out her scarlet bees and added a few in, wordlessly improving the quality of the green lotus pull. It would also shorten the fusion process.

An hour later, she was done with the fusion process and was left with the final step- binding.

At the moment, there were already a few quicker people who were done with their pills. Some had failed at the final step.

Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei ahd already finished refining their pills. They were in no rush to submit their pills, though, choosing to remain where they were to watch Sima You Yue complete the binding process.

Although she had learnt a little of the binding method that Mo Sha had given to her, she was far from being familiar with it.

“This…’ That middle aged male stood up from his seat, with an expression that went far beyond shock.

“Ol’ Du, what’s wrong?” Those other alchemy teachers were rather curious when they saw how agitated Du Ze Xi was.

“His binding method…” Xu Jin was also watching Sima You Yue in a daze. He placed a hand on his chest as he watched her form seal after seal.

He felt as if his heart was about to leap out of his chest.

“Ol Ge, you’ve really discovered a talent, no, a super genius!” He turned around and grabbed Ge Lang’s hand, saying, “Why did you let a person like that focus on medicine? It’s a good thing that there is no medicine branch in the inner sect. Otherwise, you’d infuriate me to death!”

Ge Lang raised his eyes and looked to the sky. If this kid really entered the inner sect, you’d really be infuriated to death sooner or later!

Time trickled by, and beads of sweat started to form on Sima You Yue’s forehead.

“Pu chi-”


There was the sound of a fire dying down and there was an explosion. Sima You Yue was not the least bit affected as she continued to bind the pill steadfastly.


There was the sound of a gong and everyone stopped what they were doing and extinguished the flames below their pill furnaces.

“Now, we will invite Ol’ Du to lead the teachers of the inner sect to examine the results.” The teacher who was guarding the entrance earlier, said.

Du Ze Xi led Xu Jin along with the other teachers and started from the first row, appraising each and every one.

Those who had formed their pills successfully placed theirs on the table, with chests sticking out in pride. Those who had failed had their heads lowered, clearly disappointed.

They quickly finished inspecting a few hundreds of them, and Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei were one of the successfully chosen ones. Sima You Yue was the last one.

Du Ze Xi walked in front of Sima You Yue and stared at her, saying, “You have great talent.”

“Thank you for the high praise.” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

“Your ability to produce a pill of this standard within three and a half hours shows that you are better than your fellow mates.” Su Z Xi said, “No matter whether or not you have successfully refined the pill, you can enter the inner sect.”

Sima You Yue blinked in surprise. She was allowed to enter even though they had not even seen her pill? When she saw that he was about to leave, she understood his intentions.

“Teacher, are you not going to assess my pill?” She asked.

“You have already passed the test.” Du Ze Xi said.

“Thank you teacher for your favour, but this test still requires the pill to be examined. Teacher, you must not wish for everyone to assume that I have done so dishonestly either.” Sima You yue said.

“Are you certain?” Du Ze Xi looked at Sima You Yue, “You must know that if you open this pill furnace, that you will be unable to enter the inner sect if you have not successfully refined a pill.”

As they had not smelt the fragrance of the pill at all, they all assumed that she had failed in her pill refinement. Based on what Du Ze Xi said, it sounded like they were just giving her an opportunity to enter the inner sect.

“I am certain.” Sima You Yue raised her hand and opened the pill furnace. The fragrance of the pill immediately burst out.

“The refinement was successful!” The students who were standing nearby all dashed over. They could smell the fragrance, and everyone knew that this meant the pill was refined successfully. Furthermore, it wasn’t of low quality.

“Advanced rank Green Lotus Pill!” Xu Jin could tell the rank of the pill by its smell alone.

Sima You Yue took out the pills from inside the pill furnace and placed it in the palm of her hand, stretching it in front of Du Ze Xi.

“Not bad, not bad. You are now a student of the inner sect.” Du Ze Xi merely commented lightly before turning away with a light smile.

Xu Jin dashed in front of Sima You yue, shocking a certain someone who was currently basking in happiness.

Sima You yue suddenly saw his large face and subconsciously slapped it.


The crisp sound of a slap caused the bustling hall to quiet down immediately. Everyone looked over, causing the two affected parties to feel rather awkward.

“I saw a huge mosquito on your face.” Sima You Yue retrieved her hand and said to the person opposite her.

“I was wondering why it was so itchy, so it turned out to be a mosquito.” Xu Jin calmly touched his face. This brat was rather vicious, eh.

Sima You Yue blinked innocently at him. It was his fault for dashing right in front of her so suddenly.

“Brat, you’re rather talented. I’ll come by to teach you properly in the future.” Xu Jin beamed at her, “Relax, I will definitely develop your talent to the best it can be.”

“Can I choose my own teacher?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Nope.” Xu Jin said with a smile, “Good student, you should report a little earlier. I’ll be waiting for you. Ha ha ha…”

Xu Jin left with a laugh as Sima You Yue watched him leave. She suddenly felt as if her life would be a tough one if she had someone like him as her teacher.

The other teachers were rather unhappy at his advance selection of a student, but they dared not say a word.

“Teacher Ge?” Sima You Yue looked at Ge Lang.

Ge Lang walked over and patted her on the shoulder saying, “He has the right to pick a student first. This is the right given to him by the principal. So… but he is very good at alchemy, so you’ll learn quite a bit if you learn under him. Mm, study properly.”

He left after speaking.

Sima You Yue remained standing where she was, feeling as if her future was bleak…

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