One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 1112 - When will you get rid of them?

Chapter 1112 - When will you get rid of them?

Chapter 1112: When will you get rid of them?

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She appeared to be extremely distressed as she tugged on her hair with a tight fist. “Mu Yazhe is about to hold a press conference! Do you know what that means? It means that he’s about to become the Mu family’s head! I’m a complete goner then!”

“I see that you have no trust in me at all!” Pursing her lips tightly, she felt suffocated at the man’s frosty and dangerous voice.

In fact, there was no trust between them!

She only felt that she was being exploited.

His vicious voice sounded in her ear. “I’ve dealt with that assassin; regardless if the operation was successful, he definitely couldn’t be left alive. If you dare to act rashly again… Hah!”

He left his words hanging.

The woman shuddered at that.

His meaning was clear; if she dared to disrupt his plans again, he would not hesitate to kill her!

In retrospect, if she obeyed and acted according to his instructions and he got what he wanted, would he still kill her later?

From his style of doing things, there was no guarantee that he would not do so!

She had only fear of him; there was no hint of trust to speak about!

“Fourth uncle, when are you going to get rid of those two eyesores for me?!”

“What’s the hurry?! That Yun Tianyou still has some use!” He snorted. “You don’t know about this, but he is no simple child! Don’t take him too lightly! That child has a certain standing!”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.” She was baffled.

“You don’t have to know! I’m just telling you; if you didn’t spoil my plans, the situation wouldn’t become so thorny! That boy’s house is currently surrounded and guarded by an unknown group of armed individuals; it’s tough for my people to get close to him again!”

“What?! Armed individuals?!”

She was surprised and incredulous.

It turned out that after the boy returned home, Li Hanlin sent several armed forces to ensure safety around the villa of the mother and son from concealed spots.

These armed individuals were not to be taken lightly.

Mu Lianjue mistook them for militants, but in fact, they were Mercenary Paradise’s top mercenaries.

There were three major mercenary organizations in the world; two were Nepal Forces and IZO Mercenary Group. Mercenary Paradise was on the first spot and was affiliated with Hurricane Group.

It had the world’s best combat troops; famed for its prodigious fighters, the organization’s name instilled fear in people.

Mercenaries were the cruelest war machines.

Be it the cold and mountainous Afghanistan or the mosquito-filled and sweltering African rainforests, an unusual group of people could be found everywhere—mercenaries.

In English, the term ‘mercenary’ was synonymous with ‘interested only in the money that can be obtained from a situation’. The Chinese adage ‘Someone will always step forward if they think they will be rewarded’ was a vivid description of such people.

Mercenary Paradise was the largest mercenary organization in the world.

As a mercenary organization that depended on wars for a living, they gathered many desperados who saw money as more important than their lives.

Mercenaries were a special group of professional killers who were employed to do assassination, kidnapping, and even ousting.

Compared to the previous, largest private military IZO company, Mercenary Paradise had highly skilled individuals in combat that had been subjected to rigorous assessment prior to employment.

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