One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 38 - Yun Na's Dream of Becoming a Star

Chapter 38 - Yun Na's Dream of Becoming a Star

Chapter 38: Yun Na’s Dream of Becoming a Star

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The person directing this movie was Lin Fengtian, a director who had clinched the ‘Best Director’ title at the Golden Pin Awards. Meanwhile, the movie’s male lead was already confirmed to be played by the superstar Gu Xingze.

The superstar’s large fanbase alone was enough to make up for half the movie’s sales. If one could seize the female lead role, she could definitely rise to stardom!

Lin Fengtian once received the title of ‘Best Director’ in the Global Film Festival, so as long as he supported the female star, that person was guaranteed a bright future.

Many artistes had been racking their brains for ways to enter his production.

At night time, Yun Na also brought up this matter to her family.

During dinner, she suddenly put down her utensils and seriously looked at Yun Yecheng, “Dad, I want to discuss something with you; I hope you can approve of it!”

Yun Yecheng glanced at her daughter coldly and asked, “What is it?”

“I want to participate in the audition held by Huanyu Entertainment!”

He was confused. “What audition?”

“Oh, my! Dad, don’t you know? Huanyu Global Productions has invested on a film adaptation of a famous novel. The male lead is already set to be Gu Xingze. Now, the director is conducting a nationwide search for the female lead!”

Yun Na briefly paused and proudly lifted her chin, her eyes sparkling with confidence. “Dad, don’t you think I’m very suitable for the female lead role? I have the confidence to succeed in this audition! This is an once-in-a-lifetime chance! If I am successful in my audition, then I can be a star! When I become famous, you and mom can live the good life! The moment I get my first pay check, I’ll bring you two on a trip, buy a good house, and purchase a good car!”

As Yun Na spoke, she disdainfully looked at Yun Shishi from the corner of her eye.

Yun Shishi only continued to eat with her head down, though; it was unknown what she was currently thinking.

Yun Yecheng could not help but furrow his brows when he heard this. “Instead of thinking about this nonsense all day long, why can’t you find a stable job?”

“Dad, I have the making of a star. Why would you want me to waste it by having a boring day job?” Yun Na expressed her disapproval.

He shook his head and profoundly said, “When I was young, I suffered because of my foolishness! You are still young. Bring your mind back from that daydream, enroll into a good university, and find a stable job. Stop filling your head with these silly ideas!”

“Dad, why are you so stubborn? What do you mean by silly ideas? It is profitable being a star. Just by shooting a production, you can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan! Nowadays, it is no longer important to hold a degree to live a good life!” Yun Na rebuked, clearly annoyed by her father’s old-fashioned thinking.

Yun Yecheng busied himself with eating his food and did not speak again.

Yun Na then coaxed, “Dad, don’t you think the condition of our house is very poor? A broken house, a broken fridge, a broken TV – haven’t you thought of living in a bigger house?”

Seeing Yun Yecheng remain silent, she fantasized longingly again. “If I become a star, I can earn so much money from just one production! Afterward, I will have the money to afford a spacious and luxurious villa for you and mom to live in comfort!”

Her statement made Li Qin grin from ear to ear. She thought that her daughter was so sweet, as if her heart were filled with honey, and spoke with joy, “My daughter is so well-behaved! Mommy is happy from hearing you say that!”

Soon after, she spoke to Yun Yecheng, “Yecheng, our daughter is so thoughtful! Hmph! She’s totally unlike a certain someone who is not thoughtful at all.”

She was of course referring to Yun Shishi, but the latter acted as if she had not heard anything. Yun Yecheng then wrinkled his brows again. “Becoming a star… Ha! I’ll be lucky if you don’t bring me trouble. I heard that that industry is chaotic!”

Yun Na urged once more, “Dad! Even this day and age is chaotic! Bad people are lurking at every corner, and everywhere is a mess! If I were slightly stronger, do you think I would still be afraid to walk on the crooked path?”

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