One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 42 - Refused Entry

Chapter 42 - Refused Entry

Chapter 42: Refused Entry

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The moment their eyes met, the girl suddenly became flustered. Agitated, she tightly clenched her handbag as she bit her lower lip and started pacing about.

However, it was precisely this natural expression of hers which made one think that she was quite cute.

Yin Xiachun!

Lin Fengtian was suddenly overwhelmed with admiration!

This girl was simply Yin Xiachun in the flesh!

Thrilled, Lin Fengtian reached his hand out to grab the name list he had thrown aside and asked excitedly, “Is this girl from the university? Did she apply? Go search for her name! Immediately inform her to come to the audition!”


“Huh?” Lin Fengtian lifted his head and saw his assistant’s confused look.

“We can just get off the car and personally invite that girl to audition; it will be less work that way,” he suggested, feeling helpless. This director, was he way too excited?

Lin Fengtian tapped his head and said, “Oh, yes! Why didn’t I think of that? It will truly be less work that way!”

He immediately got off the car, but when he looked in the girl’s direction, she was already gone.

She disappeared? Wasn’t she standing there moments ago?

Lin Fengtian knitted his brows tightly, and he searched for her in the crowd, but there was no trace of her.

She was gone just like that….

The interview for an artiste assistant was very simple. Filling out a form and handing in a few identity documents, she then officially got the job.

The manager informed her that she could report for work the next day. The paycheck and benefits were rather generous. Although it was a strenuous job, and she would undoubtedly be subjected to persecutions, Yun Shishi was already jumping for joy.

Just as she was about to leave, the manager fixed her with a strange look and asked, “You have an outstanding appearance, so why did you apply to be an artiste assistant? What a pity… ”

If this girl were to be refined a little more, she would definitely make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Yun Shishi smiled but did not comment.

Before she left, she was given a data sheet. The artiste she was responsible for was a not-to-be-taken-lightly newbie called Han Jingyi.

It was stated that the artiste should not be taken lightly because she had a powerful backer, which let her rise up in status.

It was also rumored that she had clinched quite a substantial role for herself.

Under Li Qin’s expectant gaze, Yun Na entered the house with a downcast face. Seeing this, she quickly got up to ask her daughter about the audition, but when she noticed her low spirits, her heart could not help but go cold.

“What happened?” At her daughter’s despondent look, she hurriedly probed, “Did you fail the audition? Did the director not choose you?!”

Yun Na felt indignant. “Hmph… With my aptitude, how can I not pass the audition? Even if I am not chosen as the female lead for this movie, other directors will surely take a fancy to me!”

“Then, what’s up with the long face?”

Li Qin noticed her mumbling and felt even more agitated. After her repeated probing, Yun Na eventually revealed the truth.

She originally went to the audition with confidence. Clothes, makeup – everything was in proper place. For this audition, she even reread the original novel for a few days and memorized the script thoroughly.

She had even chosen the most tear-jerking scene in the script. Practicing it repeatedly in front of the mirror, she thought that she had the character down pat. However, when she went to the audition brimming with confidence, she was immediately informed at the entrance that she could not participate in the selection without a letter of interview.

However, in the promotional short for the female lead role of ‘The Green Apple’, it was repeatedly mentioned that the audition was opened nationwide. Regardless of identity, as long as one was of age and a legal citizen, anyone could participate in the audition. Why was she refused for the reason of ‘no letter of interview’, then?

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