One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love

Chapter 47 - The Fragrance of a Charming Lady

Chapter 47 - The Fragrance of a Charming Lady

Chapter 47: The Fragrance of a Charming Lady

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Six-star Crowne Hotel.

Within the presidential suite, what one could see were luxurious fixtures – stylish, elegant, and extravagant to the core.

At a VIP table in the banquet hall, Mu Yazhe expressionlessly looked at the ugly faces of hypocrisy around him as irritability bubbled within him.

Unknowingly, the bottle of wine was half-emptied, and the sky outside the window had turned dark.

He was more annoyed with those around him than tired. He downed the rest of the vodka in his glass and stood up.

When the others saw this, they exchanged glances and stood up as well.

He was the star of tonight’s celebration. Mu Yazhe leaving meant that this banquet was over.

As the director and CEO of Disheng Financial Group, he had a lofty status and held the highest authority in the Mu Group.

In the midst of the current global economic crisis and facing the onslaught of this financial turmoil, the lifeline of their small companies was in the Mu Group’s hands.

The life and death of their petty enterprises depended on his words.

Therefore, they were full of praises for the future master of Mu Group and served him with care.

One person whispered tentatively, “Master Mu, are you leaving?”

The man then respectfully handed over his coat. Mu Yazhe gave him a glance and swiftly put the coat on. Someone else carefully pushed open the banquet door for him.

He sauntered out of the banquet hall with confident strides. Behind him, a row of men in suits bowed; the scene was akin to a glamorous star being worshipped by fanatics.

Mu Yazhe strode in as the doors to the VIP elevator parted open. He nonchalantly glanced at a spot as the doors were closing, and his eyes constricted with shock.

Li Dongqiang, who was holding an unconscious Yun Shishi in his arms, smugly got off the elevator and subsequently felt a chill run up and down his spine.

He looked around and saw the closing doors of the VIP elevator. At that moment, from the crack of the elevator doors, he vaguely caught a pair of piercing eyes.

He neither took it to heart nor gave it much thought. He heaved and held Yun Shishi in one arm. Using his now free hand, he opened the presidential suite with the door card and walked inside.

Behind him, the doors to the VIP elevator gradually parted open again….

Li Dongqiang swiftly swiped the card and kicked the door open.

As soon as he entered the door without locking it, he hurriedly fumbled off his belt and pulled down his pants.

He lightly tapped Yun Shishi’s cheek and leered impatiently. He shut the door with a back kick as his mind got filled with lascivious thoughts of being on top of the world on the big bed later.

Yun Na, that chick, was not lying.

When he heard that she had a stunning older sister before, he would often dismiss it with a scoff.

Women were all the same to him – tools he could use to satisfy his urges.

Looking at her now, she was more outstanding than the description.

She was different from the average women and possessed a unique charm.

He had seen women more beautiful than her, yet her pure and elegant aura outclassed them all.

He threw her on the soft, king-size bed, her wondrous curves slowly sinking into it.

Under the dim wall lamp, on the pristine bed, in black sling dress, her fair and tender skin glowed with more beauty.

Her messy hair seductively spread around her shoulders as her cleavage became slightly visible. The beauty that loomed before his eyes was so tantalizing and captivating!

He became more aroused the longer he looked.

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