Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 512: Supernatural Foresight

Chapter 512: Supernatural Foresight
Chapter 512: Supernatural Foresight

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Mu Xue Tong was stumped as he looked at Jun Mo Xie in a cautious manner. In fact, he had been somewhat shaken within; [This youngster has managed to speculated that there has been a great and unforeseen change in the Silver Blizzard City! In fact, he has even pointed out the key change!]

"I guess that you didn't even return to the Silver City. Instead, you were ambushed on the way. Then, several of your Han Family's experts sacrificed themselves in order to give you a chance of making an escape. I must say that it isn't easy to be so decisive… he he… After that, you must've wandered around the world, but couldn't dare to go anywhere they could find you. So, you wandered around, and eventually came here to the Jun Family."

Jun Mo Xie's words cut like knife, "The Jun Family is the only one which can protect you at this time. So, you intend to draw on our strength to suppress the rebellion. Then, you plan to act like the Han Family has helped us in carrying out our revenge; am I right? No one will have a problem with such a situation, and the Han Family will continue to rule the Silver City. Uncle Mu, I can even guess that this is your private plan, right? But, I must say that you've come up with a great plan!"

Mu Xue Tong was startled by this. He suddenly straightened up, "You… how did you guess this?"

"The fact that you made an appearance here makes it rather obvious. Moreover, how could you have been chosen to represent the Han Family? Your status isn't enough for this task. We can certainly consider that Han Yan Meng is the Silver City's princess, but this matchup of you two people is still too inconsequential. In other words, you wouldn't have come here like this unless you had zero other options left," Jun Mo Xie shook his head.

Mu Xue Tong's expression changed. He became settled, and he quietly asked, "What else have you guessed?"

Jun Mo Xie flashed a faint smile, and sat down, "There are many things one can see from this. But, it's a pity that the things I've guessed aren't very good for the Han Family's sake. The Xiao Family has already initiated its rebellion. But, they would've needed to have control over the formal intelligence. They'd have gradually taken over the various intelligence nodes, and would've eventually proceed to replacing the entire intelligence network of the Silver Blizzard City. In fact, they would've replaced every position with their own people. And, this means that the Han Family will be blind and deaf to everything as long as no one from the Xiao Family speaks out. Then, their next step would be to eliminate the people who could help the Han Family from a position of influence."

Jun Mo Xie continued to smile as he proceeded, "I believe that some of the Han Family's people would've been dispatched on missions over the past few years. But, this would've been done in an organized and planned manner. However, these people would've only been able to return to the Silver City if they were lucky. Else, they would've been left stranded outside in the world. These occurrences would've surely caused a commotion in the world outside. But, the Silver City's lord would've been sitting in peace inside his headquarters. He would've been completely unaware of this. And, that's because the Xiao Family would never tell them. The storm would eventually fade in time. Then, they would deal with the next lot… slowly and steadily…

"They'd wait for the right opportunity to take over the rule. But, the Han Family will be sleeping peacefully even when this forceful change of rule will occur. And, that's because the Xiao Family will make it seem like they're giving everything they've got to handle matters properly. Perhaps the Han Family's heart will fill with appreciation at the thought that the Xiao Family is a loyal and hardworking subordinate which is spending its blood and sweat. They'd even consider them genuinely reliable… In fact, they'll probably give the Xiao Family more power because of the guilt that's instilled in them because of the matters of the past. This will continue till the Han Family finally becomes witless and unguarded… And then, it'll be slaughtered…"

Jun Mo Xie smiled, "Am I right?"

Mu Xue Tong took a deep breath while looking at him, "You're right! You're completely right! Now, how did you guess this?"

"Does this even require an explanation? This is how I'd handle matters if I were doing it myself!" Jun Mo Xie smiled. His eyes filled with a mockery, "You've been living in that mountain for too long a time. You've lived like a prince. You have forgotten the ways of the world a long time ago. Take these incidents for example… the exposure of the Xiao Family's conspiracy… the maiming of the Xiao Han… Xiao Bu Yu's death… and the maiming and killing of the other member of the Xiao Family members… all of this had happened in front of an army of twenty-thousand. Therefore, the news of this must've spread far and wide in the world.

"The Silver City should've responded there-and-then if it were under the Han Family's control. They would've had the Xiao Family's members under a house arrest at first. Secondly, they would've sent a large number of strong experts to escort you back to safety. And, the heads of the three families from the Silver City would've eventually come face-to-face in front of the entire world. However, you didn't receive any news from the Silver City throughout your journey. Why? The entire world knew about it. So, didn't you people ever suspect why the Silver City doesn't know? Why haven't they responded? Why? Don't tell me you didn't think about these issues?

"You didn't come to know about this throughout your entire journey to the Silver City. Instead, you advanced step by step towards on the path of your doom, and fell into the Xiao Family's trap! There's no need for you to say anything. I understand everything now that I've seen you two here. But, what I find puzzling is that your party had Spirit and Sky Xuan experts. They were renowned throughout the world, and were very powerful experts. So, how could they be such idiots? Don't tell me that none of you suspected that something was even a little bit wrong…? Weren't you on your guard at all?

"In fact, you would've needed to travel for only two days after that incident at that Southern Heaven City. And, you should've determined that there was an ambush ahead if you didn't receive any news from the Silver City by then. You should've gone underground to hide at that point. Then, you should've figured a way to disguise yourself so that you could return to the Silver City. But, you people never thought about it, and walked into the ambush set by the Xiao Family instead! I had never expected you people to be so naïve, careless, and stupid!

"Perhaps you're not foolish. Perhaps the long-standing legendary reputation of the Silver City has clouded your thinking! And, that's perhaps why you didn't think about it. Consequently, you naïvely journeyed along whilst thinking that you were safe because you hadn't passed-on any messages of your return to the Xiao Family. And, that's when the Xiao Family suddenly attacked you. But, I have no choice but to think how ridiculous and funny it must've been! Don't tell me that you forgot who controls the Silver Blizzard City's intelligence network?"

Jun Mo Xie had spoken this entire sequence as if he had seen it happen with his own eyes. However, his analysis was nicely in agreement with the facts.

Mu Xue Tong was left dumbstruck after hearing those words, and started to drip with sweat. [Jun Mo Xie is absolutely right. And, that is a fact!] Mu Xue Tong and the deceased Third and Fifth Elders had considered that the Xiao Family was very far-sighted. They had taken the Xiao Family to be as ambitious as cunning wolves, and had felt that they needed to be eradicated as quickly as possible. But, they had never thought that this entire calamity could've been avoided.

They might've had to make some sacrifices, but the casualties wouldn't have been as disastrous as they were now.

Everything could've been avoided if those men could've thought about what Jun Mo Xie had said.

Mu Xue Tong gave a long sigh. He finally resolved himself, and looked up. He then said with all honesty, "Yes. The Silver Blizzard City is in a precarious position of immediate danger. The Xiao Family's revolt will burst forth the moment they deem the time to be fit. Only the Little Princes and I have managed to survive amongst that group of over a dozen people. We escaped, and have come exhausted to the Jun Family in search for help. I don't know whether we have the qualifications for negotiating an alliance, but I still hope that the Jun Family sees that the Xiao Family as a common enemy. Hence, I hope that that you render us your assistance!"

He took a deep breath and continued, "The Xiao Family is enemies with the Jun Family. But, the Han and the Jun Families have no enmity. In fact, the Xiao Family had wanted to wipe out the Jun Family in those days. But, the City's lord wasn't even averse to going to war in order to stop that from happening. Basically, it was because of the City Lord's interference that those schemes were put under a check. Therefore, the Jun Family needn't have any complaint against the Han Family. And, I don't mean to threaten or plead for favors with what I'm saying at this time. I only wish that the Third Young Master considers everything that is at stake."

He gulped and continued, "Also, the Third Brother and our eldest princess have feelings for each other. The Eldest Princes lives her days on the snowy peak in hope! In fact, she's been foolishly living in hope for ten years. She has yearned for her love for so many years. Don't tell me that you have the heart to watch as she falls into the Xiao Family's hands to be humiliated and ravaged?

Jun Wu Yi was terrified, and emotionally moved. He opened his mouth to speak.

However, Jun Mo Xie suddenly waved his hand in order to interrupt his uncle before he was able to speak up. He then gave a meaningful look to Mu Xue Tong, "And, this is why you've come to ask for our help. We can promise that. But, Uncle Mu mustn't speak of a co-operation. After all, your talks of co-operation don't carry enough weight. After all, deciding to cooperate isn't a child's play. Moreover, we can certainly talk about this aspect of collaborating at a later stage. But, that's only after I've met the Lord of the Silver City for a discussion on the same.

"Dealing with the Xiao Family is obviously a cherished dream of our Jun Family. But, they don't pose any threat to the Jun Family as the situation currently stands. Moreover, this matter also implicates the Han Family. After all, they share a millennium old heritage and alliance with the Xiao Family. Therefore, the Han Family must show their sincerity if they genuinely intend to cooperate with us against the Xiao Family. Our Jun Family has the right to take revenge against the Xiao Family. And, we also have the strength to do so at this time. But, we don't have any obligation to throw our lives on the line for the Han Family's sake! The truth is certainly the truth when it comes to it from the perspective of human emotions. However, reality also finds its place with certainty. And, I hope that Uncle Mu can understand that."

Mu Xue Tong breathed a sigh of relief. He then said, "That is natural! And, I'm sure that the City's lord would never treat the Jun Family unfairly. You can rest assured regarding that."

Jun Mo Xie smiled, but didn't speak again.

Jun Mo Xie was this kind of a person. [That's right! It may be something that I sincerely hope of doing, but I'll only do it when I think that the time is ripe. Moreover, I'll only have a single objective in my mind while doing it — I'll do it for my personal revenge and desire!]

[But, I ask that you show your sincerity in case you wish to mix your personal interests with mine. After all, I have no obligation to work for both mine and someone else's interests. I'll only do something for myself I'm setting about to it. And, I'll do it with a clear conscience. That's all!]

[I can admit that I'll deal with the Xiao Family even if the Han Family doesn't approach me with a good reason to help them out. But, I'll only do it after the Han and the Xiao Family are finished fighting it out. After all, I'm sure that this would mean less trouble and many other advantages for my sake.]

[Moreover, it is important to know that even the highest echelons of the Han Family are still in the dark regarding the Xiao Family. Therefore, the Jun Family may have to bear the entire burden alone if it rushed-in recklessly from the outside. In fact, it might even lead to a counter-attack from the Han Family since it's unaware of the truth.]

[The risk is too great to be worth it.]

[However, things would be clear and simple if we got involved after the two families have fought it out. After all, we would only have to deal with the Xiao Family in that case. And, that too would a Xiao Family whose strength would've been depleted. So, why would we wish to get involved at this time?]

Jun Mo Xie knew that even Jun Wu Yi and Mu Xue Tong understood this reasoning. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie's words that, "You've come to us for help. And, we'll promise to do so. But, don't call it a cooperation," were very understandable. Moreover, Jun Mo Xie's approach had even won him some appreciation.

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