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Chapter 658 - Lin Wanwan, You’re Being Given the Cold Shoulder

Chapter 658 - Lin Wanwan, You’re Being Given the Cold Shoulder

Chapter 658: Lin Wanwan, You’re Being Given the Cold Shoulder

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After saying this, Lin Wanwan turned around and left.

Luo Nanxi could no longer hold back. As she was extremely angry, her eyes were ferocious-looking as she said, “Lin Wanwan, even if I’m not good, I’m confident that I’ll be able to stay in the entertainment circle for a long time. You? Even if your acting skills are great and you’re highly sought after, you will soon be like a dog in a sorry state and be chased out of the entertainment circle!”

Lin Wanwan stopped in her tracks. She turned around and smiled at her. “At the very least, at this moment, you are the one in a sorry state.”

Luo Nanxi was so angry that her whole body trembled. However, she couldn’t say a single word.

Lin Wanwan walked away with relaxed footsteps. After she got on the car, the smile on her face gradually fell.

She drove back to Yun Mansion. She didn’t even get a chance to drink a glass of water when Si Han’s call came.

Si Han’s voice revealed a trace of stagnation. “How’s the audition?”

“I’ve failed.”

“Indeed. Lin Wanwan, you’re being given the cold shoulder.”

When she lost the role of that overbearing female CEO, he already had an ominous feeling in his heart.

“Yes, I know.”

When she understood Luo Nanxi’s words, she understood everything else clearly.

Lu Zhengyu didn’t want to just create a little trouble for her. He wanted to force her out of the entertainment circle.

Si Han said, “An hour ago, all the production teams, advertising directors, and TV program directors who wanted to work with you have called me. Due to some reason they couldn’t share, they can’t cooperate with you. Even this season’s ‘King of Limits’ had stopped broadcasting due to your appearance.”

Lin Wanwan curved her lips slightly. “His orders to give me the cold shoulder are thorough enough. He really doesn’t give me any chance to show myself in public.”

Si Han laughed. “Don’t worry. With me around, you won’t fall.”

Lin Wanwan said, “Si Dada, I really feel like an overbearing CEO has fallen in love with me now. I’m so touched that I want to cry.”

“… Get lost.”

Seeing that she could still crack jokes, Si Han knew that her emotions were not affected by this incident.

He knew how tough she was. It was just that he could not help but feel worried.

“Didn’t you want to play the role of an overbearing female CEO? Wait patiently. You’ll soon have your wishes fulfilled.”

In this entertainment circle, as long as one had money and connections, there was no need to be afraid of not having any shows to film.

No one can stop him, Si Han, from grooming a person!

“However, I don’t want to play the role of an overbearing female CEO now,” Lin Wanwan said stubbornly, but her face was filled with gentleness and laughter.

“What role do you want, then?”

“I want to play the role of a concubine who killed the emperor and succeeded as an empress with three thousand males at my feet.” Lin Wanwan could not help but use her imagination.

In response to her behavior of taking advantage of his weakness, Si Han’s response was to hang up the call directly.

Lin Wanwan let out laughter with her eyebrows curved.

There was no concealing the truth. Within two days, news of Lin Wanwan being given the cold shoulder was out.

At first, it was “The Distance Just for You” that was vetoed, and there was no possibility of screening it.

Next, the two brands that Lin Wanwan endorsed for changed their spokesperson. “King of Limits” had also stopped its broadcast, and the food program that had originally decided on Lin Wanwan to be a guest had changed their tone.

Everything was directed at Lin Wanwan.

Never underestimate the sensitivity of netizens. They knew very clearly that Lin Wanwan had offended some big shot.

Ball fans strongly protested. However, they didn’t even know who had given the cold shoulder to Lin Wanwan.

Instantly, Lin Wanwan, who was originally in the limelight, lost all the attention.

The entertainment circle was a cruel battlefield. Young and beautiful newbies surged up in waves. The audience was the most forgetful. Unless you could stand at the peak of the entertainment circle, regardless of how popular you are, as time went by, you would gradually be forgotten.

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