The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I Don’t Even Have A Girlfriend. Happy Valentine’s, My Ass (1)

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Jiang Yue spoke quietly, “I’ve been in this school for half a year, and this is my first time seeing the famous Adonis Lin!”

He Tiantian whispered even more quietly, “He’s way more handsome in person than in photos!”

Leng Nuan was even quieter, “No wonder there’s a rumor going around thepugilistic world 1 that any female student of G University who catches a glimpse of Lin Jiage might end up never getting married in her entire life.”

“…” Shi Yao, who had been Lin Jiage’s secret fiancée for more than six years, had nothing to say. With her head lowered, she continued eating her dinner as if nothing had happened.

He Tiantian: “The heck, what’s going on today? First, we have Lin Jiage, who practically never comes to the canteen, and now, here comes Qin Yiran, who only comes to the canteen once in a blue moon…”

Jiang Yue: “More importantly, it looks like Belle Qin is bringing her food over to the window seats. Is she looking for Adonis Lin?”

Leng Nuan: “Belle Qin is sitting across from Adonis Lin, and they’re even talking to each other!”

Jiang Yue: “They seem to be rather close. From the looks of it, the rumors on the school forum are probably true…”

He Tiantian: “I can’t believe they’re actually together, and to make things worse, how could they let me find out on Valentine’s day? I feel miserable…”

Close to finishing her food, Shi Yao suddenly heard those words, and she couldn’t help but raise her eyes to glance at the window seats.

A dashing man and charming lady were seated opposite to one another to the backdrop of the setting sun’s orange glow.

Two beautiful faces along with picturesque scenery, it was truly an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Shi Yao’s eyes couldn’t help but linger for a moment longer.

Perhaps it was a mere coincidence, but Lin Jiage, who hadn’t said as much when compared to the gaily-speaking Qin Yiran, suddenly lifted his head and looked in Shi Yao’s direction.

His action was extremely abrupt, catching Shi Yao by surprise.

For just that brief instant, their gazes collided with one another.

Lin Jiage had delicate peach blossom eyes 2 , ones that were slightly curled up at the ends, and there was an air of laziness that could be felt from his gaze. However, his brows seemed to be arched with a lofty nonchalance, which made her feel as if they were divided by an entire world despite the short distance between them.

His gaze didn’t stop on Shi Yao for too long. As if he was just taking a casual sweeping glance at his surroundings, his nonchalant eyes had already turned to look at something else in the next moment.

However, that momentary collision of gazes caused Shi Yao’s heart to skip a beat, and she hurriedly looked away, gobbling everything in her bowl with incomparable speed. Following which, she muttered “I’m leaving” to the other three, who were still gossiping about Lin Jiage and Qin Yiran, before standing up and making her way out of the canteen.

It was only when Shi Yao was right at the entrance of the canteen that Leng Nuan and the others finally caught up to her.

Shi Yao pushed open the door and allowed her dormitory mates to leave first before following suit.

Right before the door closed, she shot another glance at the window seats.

Lin Jiage was elegantly eating his meal with an upright posture. Sitting across from him, Qin Yiran looked down and laughed coyly, probably due to something Lin Jiage had said.

Shi Yao stared at this scene for a moment, and it wasn’t until Jiang Yue called her name that she hurriedly lowered her head and left.

On the road back to the dormitory, Shi Yao solemnly thought over the events from the past two days.

There were rumors in the forum that said that Lin Jiage and Qin Yiran were together, and earlier in the canteen, it was apparent that they were familiar with one another as well…

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