The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Even More Virtuous Than Xiaolongnü (1)

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The three of them stayed in the same dormitory room. Were the other two holding back because of [111111]’s bad mood?

While Shi Yao’s thoughts were wandering, the next round started.

The plane was halfway through the map when a call suddenly came in.

It was from the Lin Family’s old residence.

Could Grandpa Lin have found out that she wanted to cancel her engagement with Lin Jiage and was calling her to ask about it?

Shi Yao hesitated for a moment before taking her phone to the balcony to answer the call.

“Miss Shi, I apologize for calling you so late at night.”

It wasn’t Grandpa Lin’s voice on the phone but Auntie Sun, the housekeeper of the old residence.

Shi Yao was rather fond of Auntie Sun. Even though she didn’t often go to the Lin Family’s old residence, Auntie Sun would make sure to prepare lots of delicious food for her every time she visited.

Shi Yao replied obediently, “It’s fine, Auntie Sun. Did something happen?”

“Your Grandpa Lin was bathing after having his dinner when he suddenly fainted, and he’s currently undergoing treatment in the emergency ward.”

“Grandpa Lin fainted? Is the situation serious? Which hospital is he in? I’ll head over there right now…”

“There’s no need for that, Miss Shi. It’s already late, and the hospital is quite far from your campus. Our driver isn’t around, and it isn’t safe for you to come over alone. Besides, it’s not like there isn’t anyone keeping watch here. If you wish to visit, why don’t you come over tomorrow? I’ll have the driver pick you up then…”

Shi Yao wouldn’t be of much help there, and if she were to insist on heading over, the Lin Family would surely arrange for a car to pick her up. If so, she would only cause them more trouble…

Analyzing the situation, Shi Yao replied, “Alright. I don’t have any lessons tomorrow morning, so I’ll visit Grandpa Lin then.”

Auntie Sun: “Alright. I’ll have the driver pick you up from school tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you, Auntie Sun.”

“It’s no problem.” At which, Auntie Sun suddenly paused, and it seemed like she wanted to say something. A moment later, she continued, “Miss Shi, may I ask if, that is, is there a problem between you and our young master?”

Shi Yao suddenly recalled what Lin Jiage had told her in the little forest earlier on.

If Auntie Sun was asking her such a question at this time, was this matter related to the cancelation of their engagement?

Noting Shi Yao’s silence, Auntie Sun continued, “Your Grandpa Lin was in a good mood this afternoon when he took his walk, but he suddenly returned in a terrible temper. He called our young master and demanded that he return to the old residence.”

“As soon as our young master stepped through the door, before he could even utter a greeting, your Grandpa Lin had already thrown a teacup at him.”

“You also know that your Grandpa Lin has an explosive temper, so he raised quite a huge storm in the old residence after our young master came back. Eventually, your Grandpa Lin kicked him out before he could even have a bite of food.”

“There are some things which I’ve never told you, but your Grandpa Lin’s physical condition isn’t as good as it used to be these past two years. The doctor has already warned us that he mustn’t fly into a temper anymore. Your Grandpa Lin fainting is probably due to what happened today. Sigh, I really can’t understand it. You’re such a fine lady, why doesn’t our young master fancy you…”

Hearing those words, Shi Yao had no idea how she should respond, so she simply remained silent.

Auntie Sun continued speaking for quite a long time before the call finally came to an end.

So this was why Lin Jiage was in a bad mood today…

To be kicked out from his home without even having a bite of food—Grandpa Lin must have truly been angry at him!

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