The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Heh, Meaningless? (1)

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“Young Master…” After giving Shi Yao her money, Auntie Sun really took out a hundred dollar bill and began walking over to Lin Jiage.

However, before she could hand him the money, Lin Jiage suddenly drew back and turned around to leave in the next second.

When Shi Yao walked out of the hospital, she saw Lin Jiage waiting right in front of the building with his gaze lowered to his phone.

Her footsteps immediately halted.

The chauffeur that Auntie Sun called for was already waiting in front of the building. Upon seeing Shi Yao, he swiftly parked his vehicle and opened the car door, “Miss Shi, please enter.”

Lin Jiage happened to be standing right beside the car.

Perhaps he’d heard the chauffeur’s words; he instinctively turned to look at Shi Yao.

The moment she met his gaze, Shi Yao hands trembled slightly. Even her legs wobbled a little as she made her way to the car.

That was his family’s chauffeur and car, and they were about to break off their engagement soon. At this moment, she couldn’t be considered as his fiancée anymore…

It was out of consideration for Grandpa Lin’s condition that she didn’t bring up the cancelation of their engagement back in the ward.

Just as she was about to reach the car, Shi Yao struggled internally for a moment and eventually decided to turn her gaze towards Lin Jiage.

She was just about to speak, but after recalling that the chauffeur was still by the side, she shot him a glance.

The chauffeur was sharp, understanding Shi Yao’s intentions in an instant. So, he quietly walked away.

After Shi Yao was certain that the chauffeur was too far away to overhear her, she turned to Lin Jiage and spoke with a soft voice, “That… Regarding the cancelation of our engagement, I think that we should only raise it after Grandpa Lin’s condition improves.”

Lin Jiage shot her a glance and replied with a very nonchalant “Mm”.

Shi Yao could sense a little displeasure in his tone, and fearing that he would misinterpret her words as an unwillingness to break off the engagement, she continued, “I don’t mean anything by it. I just fear that Grandpa Lin’s condition might worsen after hearing the news…”

She wasn’t sure whether it was her imagination or not, but somehow, it felt like Lin Jiage’s mood turned darker after listening to her explanation.

Shi Yao fell silent.

Noting that Lin Jiage didn’t even bother answering with an “Mm” this time around, she pressed her lips lightly together before speaking up once more, “Well, I think you should get the chauffeur to drive you to the research lab. I’ll just take the train back to school—”

But before Shi Yao could finish her sentence, Lin Jiage lifted his feet and walked away, seemingly out of disdain for her neverending words.

Shi Yao finally retracted her gaze only after his silhouette had disappeared into the distance.

She sure was naive. To think that she was still a little flustered from seeing him wash and peel fruits for her…

How could she have forgotten that Grandpa Lin was still sick?

He probably did it grudgingly so that Grandpa Lin wouldn’t flare up…

In the hospital ward.

After Lin Jiage and Shi Yao had left, Grandpa Lin turned to Auntie Sun and asked, “How is my condition?”

Auntie Sun: “The doctor said that it’s just a scare this time around. There’s no problem at the moment, and if nothing crops up after a day of observation, it will be all right for you to return home to rest.”

Auntie Sun had been taking care of Grandpa Lin for many years now, so she would automatically nag him on many things as well. “Old Master, you really should work on your temper. You can’t keep flying into a rage anymore, it’s your own body that you’re harming there!”

“I don’t want this either! It’s all that brat’s fault for provoking me!” Grandpa Lin sighed deeply before continuing, “Well… We won’t be going home to rest for the time being. I have to stay in the hospital for a while longer. Tell the doctors to say that my condition is very severe in front of that grandson of mine, so severe that I could pass away at any moment!”

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