The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: 66666, 6 My Ass! (1)

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Instead of responding to Xia Shangzhou’s message, Lin Jiage switched off his screen and closed his eyes once more to rest.

Sometime later, the taxi arrived at the research lab.

He paid the bill, stepped off the car, and walked into the lab. Shortly after he took a seat, the phone in his pocket vibrated.

There was a notification from Xia Shangzhou.

Even through the screen, Lin Jiage could sense the uproar he was making.

[Boss, I finally found the reason! The whole thing started in the school forums!]

[It’s this post about the Campus Belle Selection. Someone apparently announced that you got together with Belle Qin. I’ll just let you read the thread for more details…]

Xia Shangzhou sent one more message containing a link.

Lin Jiage tapped it and immediately saw a picture of a young lady.

He didn’t recognize who she was until he saw the name captioned below, “Oh, it’s Qin Yiran…”

But, isn’t the amount of photoshop that Student Qin did on her photo a little too different from how she looks in real life?

Just with this, and the men from G University still made her the campus belle? For three years straight?

She’s nowhere even close to matching up to the looks of the unfashionable, ugly, and shabby-looking Soft Bun… They sure are a bunch of men lacking worldly experience. Here’s a moment of pity for them…

As Lin Jiage pitied the men of the campus, he scrolled down the screen, and upon seeing that there was another candidate with more votes than Qin Yiran in the Campus Belle Selection, he automatically paused.

Oh, it looks like not everyone was blind after all. There’s actually a candidate with more votes than that Qin-something… What?

How did his photo get here?

He was a man through and through, so why would his name suddenly appear in the Campus Belle Selection?

What do you mean by [My vote for the most beautiful campus belle of G University goes to a third-year student in the Math Faculty, Lin Jiage.]… Vote your head!

And ‘66666 OP’? 6, my ass!

— [According to reliable sources, Belle Qin and Adonis Lin have gotten together…]

So, the girlfriend that Soft Bun mentioned was referring to that Qin-something-ran person?

Please, even if she was just a rumored girlfriend, couldn’t they have given him a better one?

— [I can prove that this explosive news is definitely reliable because “the inviolable existence whom everyone wants to sleep with” Adonis Lin has accepted our aloof Belle Qin’s gift.]

— [Here’s a picture that proves it. Look, this was on Valentine’s Day, and Adonis Lin and Belle Qin were busy tormenting dogs in the canteen.]

Lin Jiage was still leisurely scrolling through the forums, but upon seeing this news revelation, his face turned cold.

He wasn’t a fool. It might seem like just a piece of gossip to others, but as the person in question, he knew that he’d been set up.

Qin Yiran’s gift might have contained her sincerity, but she definitely had other intentions in mind as well.

She clearly knew that they’d be discussing matters concerning the school anniversary on Valentine’s Day, so she had someone deliver him a gift the day before. This chain of events was indeed well-planned, sending out a convincing message to the entire campus that they were together…

Being forced to have a fiancée, fine, he’ll grudgingly accept that. But to be forced into having a ‘girlfriend’ on top of that, this was unacceptable!

Tossing his phone onto the table, the aura surrounding him grew even colder.

By the time Shi Yao left the study room and returned to her dormitory room, it was already 9 p.m.

Shi Yao casually placed her books on the table before grabbing her phone. In order to facilitate her studying, she had intentionally left it in the dormitory room so she wouldn’t get distracted.

She first replied to a WeChat message from her mother and then tapped into the game. She then sent a message to the [Sexy and Frisky] group and asked: [Anyone up for a game?]

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