The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 248: Li City’s Savage Creature (2)

Chapter 248: Li City’s Savage Creature (2)
Chapter 248: Li City’s Savage Creature (2)

It was night in Li City.

A faint yellow street lamp shone, making the city seem like it was draped in a layer of elegant and noble muslin, accentuating the magnificence and various natures of the entire body…

The center of the city’s western street belonged to the residential district of the heart of the city. Although it was only one street, it was extremely long, and the residences lined on either side like a forest.

When night fell, this street area seemed rather cold and dreary; it was as if one had walked into a town surrounded by mountains. Even when flying in the air, one could even feel a faint trace of the night fog.

“When an abnormal situation occurs, there is bound to be a demon. Sigh, don’t let me catch you…” Dong Qing sneered and urged the Horizon Feather Bird slowly downwards.

Chu Mu and Dong Qing rode together on the Horizon Feather Bird; although the Night Thunder Dream beast could step in the air at night, it wasn’t able to freely glide through the air like wing type soul pets.

“Captain has arrived…”




In the alley, a few soul pet trainers riding on mounts formed a circle and encircled this residential alley, preventing anyone else from approaching.

Chu Mu and Dong Qing directly jumped off the back of the Horizon Feather Bird’s back and steadily landed in front of the five city guards.

Dong Qing strode to the location that was dyed in blood. He stared at theses corpses that had been bitten into a gruesome state. His expression turned rather serious.

Chu Mu swept his gaze over these corpses and his eyes faintly changed.

Laying in front of Chu Mu were two human corpses and three soul pet corpses. Since the soul pet corpses had been bitten so that not even a few bones remained, it was very hard to determine what soul pets they were merely based on these remnants.

The two humans had simply been killed, though. One of them had their stomach split open and the half of the other’s head had been cut. There was no other indication of blood on other parts of their bodies and the killer clearly wasn’t interested in human flesh.

“Captain, this is the sixth such instance. We’ve blocked off the news, but it’s hard to control the mouths of the surrounding residents. There have already been a few rumors spreading in certain areas, causing others to feel alarmed.” said a young guard.

“Do you guys think it was done by a human, or was it some wild soul pet with strange arts that snuck into the city perpetrating crimes?” asked Dong Qing.

All four sides of the city had very high walls, and there wasn’t a very high chance that a wild beast could sneak into the city; however, there were a few exceptions.

For instance, some intelligent stealth-type soul pet could have snuck past the city’s guards into the city; it would then ordinarily live in places with few people and come out at night to attack soul pet trainers and soul pets.

Another possibility was a soul pet raised by a family or faction that fled due to carelessness. This probability was slightly higher, and the soul pet that escaped, since it couldn’t exit the city, hid in some place. At night, it would attack humans and eat soul pets…

“Their spatial rings are still there. If it was committed by a human, normally the person would take the spatial ring. There’s another possibility that this person simply looked down on the riches of these soul pet trainers and had a goal of using their soul pets to raise their own soul pet.” analyzed a guard.

“Are there other clues?”

“No, the killer is very cunning.”

“Then tonight everyone shall stay up late and patrol. We must resolve this issue as soon as possible.”



“Brother Chu Chen, it seems that it isn’t too safe in this neighborhood. If your two friends have no ability to defend themselves, I suggest that they shouldn’t stay here long. Damn, you’ve come from far away to Li City, yet I’ve let you see a bad aspect of Li City. This truly is…” Dong Qing could still be regarded to treat Chu Mu politely.

“The strength of my two friends are not inferior to mine. Defending themselves isn’t a problem. I’ll be here in the near future and if I find any clues, I’ll notify you.” said Chu Mu.

“That would be the best. If you have any trails, directly find a city guard and just have them notify me. I’ll immediately come over.” said Dong Qing.

Chu Mu nodded his head and didn’t stay here any longer. He began walking in the direction Dong Qing pointed at, and headed towards the spirit medicine shop that the Ye Family brother and sister were at.

The medicine shop Ye Qingzi had rented wasn’t in the most bustling location, causing Chu Mu to wonder why she intentionally picked this area. After all, this place was considered a residential district, and the business wouldn’t be very good…

The murder case wasn’t too far from the spirit medicine shop that Ye Qingzi had rented. Chu Mu didn’t waste his soul power by summoning the Night Thunder Dream Beast and instead walked along this rather cold and cheerless street.

Chu Mu took a shortcut instead of Western Street’s main street. Perhaps because the most recent news of the terrifying incidents had already spread, but these relatively diagonal alleys and small streets all had shut their doors tightly. There simply was no one to be seen.

“Sou sou~~~~~~~”

Two abnormal sounds of the wind rapidly flitted behind Chu Mu across this alley. Chu Mu’s perception ability’s were exceptionally sharp and practically the moment the wind rose, he turned his head.

A black colored figure flew past and Chu Mu released his soul remembrance. He locked onto the two rapidly moving black figures.

Just as Chu Mu’s soul remembrance completely found the two creature’s movements, they suddenly jumped out of his soul remembrance detection range, fleeing into the distance.

Chu Mu’s heart sank. These two creatures had evidently wanted to approach him just now, but after they felt his soul remembrance lock on, they immediately jumped out of his detection range. This wasn’t a coincidence, and could only mean that these two creatures had extremely strong perception abilities as they were able to detect the locking on of others.

Realizing that these were two creatures with bad intentions, Chu Mu slowly chanted an incantation and summoned the night time pet, the Night Thunder Dream Beast, in front of him.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s nighttime detection abilities were even stronger than Chu Mu’s. Its demon detection was released and its two black eyes penetrated the darkness, locking onto a hidden alley next to Chu Mu.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast didn’t wait for Chu Mu to give an order and instantly let out a long neigh. A black colored death ray began fermenting in its mouth before it promptly spat it towards the long alley!

The black energy flew straight down the alley and abruptly exploded in the air halfway down!!


The death ray exploded and instantly, on the house walls on either side appeared signs of demolition. A powerful stream of air swept out of the alley!

Chu Mu hadn’t sensed the abnormality of the alley just now, and when the energy had erupted just now, he suddenly discovered a creature knocked flying in the covert of the shadows.

“Night attack creatures. They can hide their aura and become invisible at night.Young master must be careful.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu’s heart tensed; he never expected to encounter such a terrifying creature in the city!

Night invisibility was one of the most strange abilities of soul pets. Most soul pets that possessed this ability were exceptionally frightening as they could silently kill any defenseless person or soul pet.

“Si si~~~”

A muffled shout rang out of the alley from that invisible creature. It seemed to have realized it had been found and after it crawled up, it stuck to the alley’s wall. As if it melded into the wall, it directly disappeared from Chu Mu’s field of vision.

No long after, a soft sound came from the alley. When Chu Mu looked in, he discovered that the residents near the alley had detected the abnormality. While trembling with fear, they began making reckless movements.

“Why… why are you making so much noise… you’re not even resting at night… could it be… could it be…” just at this moment, a middle aged man staggered out of the end of the alley.

This middle aged man’s face was completely drunken red and he was further clutching onto a sack of wine. He hurled curses while pouring the wine down his throat.

With every step, he would stagger three times. This drunkard was already fully drunk and ultimately rested against the wall, immediately falling into a sleep.

“Quickly leave this place!” shouted Chu Mu as he reminded this drunkard without any perception of danger.

However, the moment Chu Mu’s voice faded, the figure of a claw gradually appeared inside the alley’s wall. With exceptional languor, it swiped across the drunkard’s head.


Pieces of brain and blood flew out and nauseatingly stuck onto the wall!

The drunkard had his head cut off while still stuck in drunken stupor. His body twitched a few times before completely losing life force.

Chu Mu’s heart sank. Just now, the speed of the claw had clearly been very slow. However, Chu Mu wasn’t able to see where that soul pet was at all. If he hadn’t focused his soul remembrance on that place, he wouldn’t have even been able to see how that drunkard died.

“Old Li, what kind of thing is that.” Chu Mu’s face turned rather serious. For some reason, Chu Mu felt that the small alley that was accessible from all sides had many strange auras. There were also many eyes that would make one tremble staring at him.

“I don’t know either. I suggest that young master quickly leave this place. Those things could be gathered in this area.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head and jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back. He had it promptly use Extreme Speed and rushed towards another small street.

The direction in which they headed towards Ye Qingzi’s spirit medicine shop had an extremely dense aura. Chu Mu realized that they could not pass through there, and he could only pick another route. Although he was pretty much running in the opposite direction, it was best to first break free of those savage creatures…


The Night Thunder Dream Beast suddenly increased its speed and ran in a direction where it thought there was no danger.

Turning around a bend, what emerged in front of Chu Mu’s eyes really was a spacious night street. The pale white moonlight spilled onto the limestone path, making it seem peaceful and empty…

Only, that black figure that would move from time to time added a rather terrifying and sinister feeling to this district!

“Si si~~~~~~’

Sounds that resembled vipers hissing came from both sides. As Chu Mu passed through this small path, he suddenly discovered the moving black figures were growing increasingly many on the surrounding houses, walls and shops. These things were like shadows that followed behind the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Their sharp and terrifying claws twinkled with a cold light under the shining moonlight!

“We’re being watched!”

Chu Mu’s heart sank. He never would have thought that he would become the target of Li City’s savage creatures!

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