You Are My Unforgettable Love

Chapter 671 - Public Display of Love: Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (16)

Chapter 671 - Public Display of Love: Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (16)

Chapter 671: Public Display of Love: Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (16)

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Dad Xia and Mom Xia quickly said in response, “We won’t stay at your place, we’ll stay at a hotel.”

They glanced at Xia Nuannuan and continued, “Or we could stay with Nuannuan.”

Nuannuan nodded at once. “Yes, you can stay at my place as I’m now at Auntie Xia’s apartment.”

Hearing this exchange, Shen Zihao paused, glanced at his in-laws and suggested to Xia Nuannuan, “Your place is too small for Dad and Mom. Why don’t I arrange for them to stay at our family-owned hotel? It won’t cost them anything.”

Hearing that accommodation would be free of charge, Dad Xia and Mom Xia finally agreed.

Accordingly, Shen Zihao made a call and booked the Presidential Suite.

Following this, he made a call to Shen Xiu.

The call was picked up and Shen Xiu voice came through, “What is it, Zihao?”

“Ok, so Nuannuan’s parents are in Beijing, would you have time for dinner tonight?”

Shen Xiu was silent for a moment before he said, “About this… let’s wait for a while more. After all, you still haven’t gotten your marriage certificate. Our family—”

Interrupting the man, Zihao informed him immediately, “We have our marriage certificate.”

There was a stunned silence on the other end before Shen Xiu questioned, “What was that you said?”

Shen Zihao continued driving as he listened to his father’s angry hollering through his Bluetooth earpiece. He, however, had a grin on his face. “Dad, it is ok if the household registration booklet is damaged. The police station issued us a police report.”

Shen Xiu was livid. “How could you register your marriage just like that? Without my permission?!”

Shen Zihao raised an eyebrow and said to his father, “Didn’t you agree yesterday?”

Shen Xiu thought, “… That was just a delay tactic!”

He felt that his son had been seduced by Xia Nuannuan because he was too young to know how to resist her.

After delaying it, he was hoping that Shen Zihao would be less curious about this woman and eventually lose interest.

This was the scheme that he and Mei Feng had come up with, so that it wouldn’t sour the relationship between the two men.

But now…

Shen Xiu was heaving with anger.

Could Shen Zihao have discovered his cunning scheme?

Shen Xiu took two deep breaths and said icily, “I have an important meeting today and can’t cancel. Go look for your Aunty Mei.”

Right after saying this, the phone line was cut

Shen Zihao frowned.

He had known from the start that his father did not like Xia Nuannuan.

The household registration booklet being damaged had just been an excuse to delay things.

However, he knew that his father had done this in his interest, the man was afraid that he was being cheated. After all, he did not know Xia Nuannuan.

Even himself, in fact, did not know Xia Nuannuan that well.

But he did want to get married.

That was his current obsession.

If Dad didn’t understand, then so be it.

Shen Zihao picked up his cell phone again to call Mei Feng. However, Xia Nuannuan, who was sitting in the passenger seat next to him, reached out to stop him and said, “Let’s go and see Aunt Xia.”

Shen Zihao paused.

Xia Nuannuan hung her head and said, “I’ve been there for a month now and Aunt Xia has been very kind to me. We should have a meal with her first. Besides, Aunt Xia wishes to see my parents. Before I left the house today, she had already started preparing.”

Shen Zihao thought about his aged mother and his heart softened. Then he nodded.

Hence, they took Dad Xia and Mom Xia to the hotel and, after they dropped off their belongings, they headed for the Shen family villa together.

After Shen Xiu hung up the call with Shen Zihao, he angrily dialed Mei Feng’s number.

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